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Hands in the Earth Days

On Friday and Earth Day, with the Kingston YMCA Farm Project‘s fourth growing season underway, volunteers from the surrounding Midtown neighborhood, wider community, local schools, SUNY New Paltz, and the Harvesting Justice collective at Bard College, weeded and seeded, spread compost and … Continue reading

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What They Do in the Dunes

Like Lartigue’s family, as seen in his early photos, the wealthy Van Peteghems in Bruno Dumont’s new comedyish (with many–often uncomfortable–lol moments) “Slack Bay” (“Ma Loute”), enjoy the pleasures pursued by the bourgeois at the French seaside in the beginning of the 20th century. And although it’s impossible … Continue reading

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15 1/6

Leo’s scary episode of digestive distress, which began on April 7, routed all of us to the vet in Hurley last Monday for an all-day visit that stretched into an anxious overnight at the Kingston emergency hospital. He began to recover in the late afternoon … Continue reading

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Found (One 120 Chrome) and Hopefully Lost (the Man in the Photo): Archaeology in the Flat Files*

I photographed a much younger, pre-Factor Bill O’Reilly, on the set of Inside Edition, publicity images for the then-new show. He was more cooperative, had budgeted more time, than his co-hosts (a typically perky blonde woman and a handsome African American man). He … Continue reading

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Rough Water and Other Early Signs of Spring (Stillwater Diary)

The Esopus, full and fast from snow melt and days of rain, falls from the Spillway, makes a left at Brown’s Pond and speeds to the swimming hole, passing bare sycamores with their feet underwater. Early again this year, the false … Continue reading

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No Satisfaction

Legendary director John Schlesinger’s (“Billy Liar,” “Darling,” “Marathon Man,”  “Midnight Cowboy”) debut feature,”A Kind of Loving” (1962) is a clear-eyed and sympathetic view of a smart but immature young man, Vic Brown (Alan Bates, spot-on in his first starring role). He’s vaguely ambitious, … Continue reading

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Working to Bend the Arc*

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 49 years ago today in Memphis, where he’d gone to support the striking sanitation workers. Today on the damp steps of City Hall, at the 11th Annual NYC Equal Pay Day rally, all of … Continue reading

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