I’m a portrait photographer based in New York City, shooting  in my Tribeca studio and on location.  Subjects include American and international independent filmmakers, Oscar- and other award-winning actors, classical and new music musicians and composers, dancers, artists, curators, architects, writers, progressive political activists and economists. CEOs and politicians too.  And children sometimes.  I love to hear everyone’s stories.  We often spend a lot of time laughing.  And when time permits, eating.

Robin Holland


3 Responses to About

  1. Natasha says:

    Signing up for your blog in hopes of seeing more exchanges with Fox News Editor!!!

  2. robin holland says:

    wow, i was researching pema chodron and discovered we have the same name! amazing. i’ve never met a robin i didn’t like. greetings. your work is brilliant.

    • Thanks so much, Robin Holland, it makes me happy that you like my work.
      When I first saw your comment, it seemed like I must have written to myself in my sleep. Although I knew there were others with our name out there, it’s really cool to have contact. Hope we meet sometime.

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