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Varieties of Love

The first time I saw director Patrice Chéreau’s “Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train” (1998), a deeply moving group portrait of the complicated friends and family of a recently deceased painter, as they travel to and arrive at … Continue reading

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Mourning the Films That Didn’t Get Made

I’m punctual to a fault but only have a loose relationship with another aspect of time–I rarely can pinpoint the year something happened.  Aware of my shortcoming, I was still shocked (and really sad) to read in Zeitgeist Films‘ most … Continue reading

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Today Is the Leo’s Birthday Holiday

And why shouldn’t it be?  Although the country seems to be celebrating Presidents’ Day (without any agreement on whether or not the apostrophe should be there), the United States government recognizes the third Monday in February as Washington’s Birthday. Some states … Continue reading

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Who You Calling a Lady?

I just read that Mae Young (that would be the Great Mae Young), professional wrestling champion and Hall of Famer, died nearly a month ago, in Columbia, SC, age 90. The headline of her New York Times obit called her “unladylike.” … Continue reading

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“Savage Contradictions”

In Rome in 1975 director Claude Lanzmann filmed his first protagonist, the brilliant Benjamin Murmelstein, for what would become his masterwork about the Holocaust, “Shoah.”  But Lanzmann subsequently omitted all of the footage from the the week-long interview, “‘Shoah’ is … Continue reading

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Formula 1 on Super Bowl Sunday

Being an American, Formula 1 Grand Prix Races (like World Cup soccer) barely registered.  But Thu, who had lived most of her life in Paris and London, loved the racing.  And so did Mark, and I started watching when the … Continue reading

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