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In a Difficult Year, Any Chance to Use the Word Best (Without Irony, Sarcasm) is Welcome

Although I saw more films this year than last, it seems I saw fewer, the misperception probably caused by watching too many (one is too many, but logistics factor into the use of links) on relatively small screens (my always calibrated … Continue reading

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Ja, Ja, Ist Schnee (Stillwater Diary)

We had seen a midnight movie at the Berlin Film Festival. My German friends spoke English fluently, but ever the adventurer, I kept volunteering my German phrases (most of which I’d learned from early Fassbinder movies: ja, ja, sehr schön, alles klar–the latter employed particularly … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

We’re the American multitudes, the 65,844,594 citizens who voted for Hillary Clinton, 2.8 million more, and counting (but not counting today in the Electoral College), than those who voted for Putin’s trumpadoodle. And contrary to the president-elect’s big, repeated lie, the ground held firm, and … Continue reading

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So Much More Entertaining Than Your Average Contemporary Political Power Struggle

Anthony Harvey’s multi-Oscar-winning second feature, “The Lion in Winter” (1968), soars with two great pros ferociously verbally duking it out about matters of love and royal succession. It’s Christmastime, 1183, and King Henry II (Peter O’Toole), is home for the … Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

…an armed camp, on blocks and blocks radiating out from Trump Tower, fortress New York, with metal barriers, flashback-inducing 9/11-style police presence, vehicles, dogs, too many cops with NYPD Counterterrorism* on their jacket backs and bullet-proof vests, large weapons totally open carried. On Monday I … Continue reading

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The Great Beauty

Glamorous, with physical grace and a hypnotic voice (in five languages), the iconic Chinese actress Maggie Cheung, fits seamlessly into both contemporary and period roles. Born in Hong Kong to parents from Shanghai, she began her career in beauty pageants and as … Continue reading

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