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Paris Is Still Burning

Glorious artistic expression (21st Century voguing) and grassroots activism, are the joined forces driving New York’s contemporary LGBTQ black and Latino underground House/Ballroom scene.  Twenty-seven years after Jennie Livingston‘s seminal documentary “Paris Is Burning,” Swedish, NYC-based visual artist and documentary filmmaker Sara Jordenö’s exuberant and … Continue reading

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“Best Picture” Is Not Necessarily The Best Picture

Oscar has its quirks, often enough overlooking a truly great film, with the heavy gold statuette going to the film of the moment (at least the Academy’s moment). Perhaps most famously, “Citizen Kane” lost out to “How Green Was My Valley” in 1941. Two … Continue reading

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Where’s Faso? Or, What if They Held a Town Hall and the Congressman Didn’t Show Up?

I vote in New York City, in the 10th Congressional district (“the fighting 10th,” as Colbert would have said in his Report days), which is represented by the brilliant, progressive Democrat Jerry Nadler, who recently introduced a Resolution of Inquiry, potentially a first … Continue reading

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The Labrador in Winter Celebrates His Quinceañero

Leo, 15 today, is our big, beautiful, beloved odds defier (and “commands” defier–after he turned 14, we decided that come, stay, sit, etc., would be regarded merely as suggestions. This doesn’t apply to you, Ryder). He smells a little, not from dog breath or from rolling in … Continue reading

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Mayhem in Marbletown

Sextuple threat (director, writer, actor, editor, co-producer, composer–and that doesn’t include poster designer, soundtrack musician and co-chef for his cast and crew) Jack Fessenden shot his very assured debut feature, the clever and bloody thriller, “Stray Bullets,” in July 2015, when he was … Continue reading

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Darkness in the Sunshine State

American loneliness, ennui, longing for fame, and romance with guns collide in “Dark Night,” writer/director Tim Sutton’s hypnotic waking dream. The film opens with an extreme close-up of a young woman’s right eye reflecting flickering images which seem to be from a movie screen … Continue reading

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