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Leo and Bruce (Birthdays and Anniversaries)

Today Leo is 15 3/4 and although he’s very slow (serious time has to be budgeted for a walk around the block) and sleepy (of course dogs of all ages do a significant amount of napping), he’s in great shape … Continue reading

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The last print issue of the Village Voice, with a startlingly gorgeous ultra-tight crop of Fred McDarrah’s iconic image of Bob Dylan on the cover, rolled off the presses today. The first issue was published, with newsprint and ink, the … Continue reading

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A Schlemiel Becomes A Mensch

Experienced documentarian Joshua Z Weinstein’s first fiction film, “Menashe,” a universal story of profound paternal love, but set in the insular Borough Park, Brooklyn Hasidic community, fully succeeds in looking at this world with “an ethnographic, sociological lens,” and in … Continue reading

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“It’s Only Art” (But I Like It)

To call writer/art critic/poet/artist/curator/pottery expert (and collector)/gardener John Perreault (1937-2015) a Renaissance man is to dramatically understate the case. “It’s Only Art,” a tribute survey of his paintings and sculpture (with video documentation of a few of his performances), is … Continue reading

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Star-Spangled Crème Pâtissière Redux

Last year, Mark made the confection, adapting a “scintillating strawberry” recipe by Jacques Torres, to celebrate Julie and her newly acquired American citizenship. This year it’s to celebrate our country–its goodness and resilience. “All men are created equal,” originally referred … Continue reading

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Fearless Women, On Screen and Behind the Camera

“Gas Food Lodging” (1992), Allison Anders’ seminal second feature, made without asking permission, stars Brooke Adams as Nora, a waitress and single mother in “Nowheresville, New Mexico,” trying to balance raising her teenage daughters, Trudi and Shade (Ione Skye and Fairuza Balk), in a … Continue reading

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“Homeless–In All Countries”

Shot in enveloping widescreen, director/co-writer Maria Schrader’s “Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe” opens with the frame filled with vibrant tropical flowers. As the camera pulls back, it reveals an extravagantly decorated, enormous banquet table in an elegant, old-world style room at Rio de Janeiro’s exclusive Jockey … Continue reading

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