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If a Poplar Falls in the Forest (Stillwater Diary)

It had been a dark and stormy night (and a bunch of Labradors were sitting around the fire…oops, I digress)–dramatic wind, fiercer gusts. And the next morning, from all visual indications, the sounds the poplar made as it crashed through … Continue reading

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Face in the Cloud

There’s a great commercial for something–American Express?–anthropomorphizing everything: portraits, of chic handbags, mundane drain pipes–faces everywhere. I often see faces in clouds. As the catastrophe, Irma, approaches, a persistent and hypnotic graphic on MSNBC shows the churning. In it I have … Continue reading

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Putting One Paw in Front of the Other

Slow, but steady, Leo turns 15 1/2 today. Happy birthday, dear Schmoo.

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Pinching the Mums (Stillwater Diary)

My wonderful, clever mother, Doris, grew up in a small, three-story apartment building, owned by her parents, on New Main Street in south Yonkers. My grandfather’s tailor shop (a child’s wonderland) occupied the ground floor. When my parents bought their … Continue reading

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The Secret of the Ooze (Stillwater Diary)

Cedar-apple rust, intriguingly off-earth in its form, exuded orange slime when, cut from the tree, it hit the ground. I jumped out of its path. Unlike in East Hampton, where we chose a Rome apple tree with sinuous limbs, here … Continue reading

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Spring Speeds By (Stillwater Diary)

In late April and early May, work, fun and a Labrador health emergency kept us in New York, or sent us home from Stone Ridge at 3:00 am (no traffic on the Thruway or in town, as we drove though … Continue reading

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Hands in the Earth Days

On Friday and Earth Day, with the Kingston YMCA Farm Project‘s fourth growing season underway, volunteers from the surrounding Midtown neighborhood, wider community, local schools, SUNY New Paltz, and the Harvesting Justice collective at Bard College, weeded and seeded, spread compost and … Continue reading

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