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The Artist Formerly Known as OSS 117

A black and white, mostly silent story of Hollywood at the advent of the talkies, “The Artist,” is told through light and pure emotion. The plot is simple: an A-list silent film star, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), falls from the … Continue reading

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The first time I photographed Keith Haring, he came to my studio.  It was May 1981 and he was still drawing in the subways–white on black, transforming empty areas that had not yet been covered with advertising posters.  I obscured … Continue reading

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Democracy is in the Streets: Foley Sq. 11/17/11

OWS: 2 months.  The Struggle Continues.  La Lucha Continua.

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#OWS 2.0

After yesterday’s 1:00 am upheaval, protesters are back in Michael Bloomberg’s new and improved Zuccotti Park (all-nighters, upright, ok; sleepovers, a little lie down, not so much).  And although today in the steady rain, the occupiers’ numbers were quite diminished, … Continue reading

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No. We Can.

Ohio voters overwhelmingly voted  no today on Issue 2 (whether to vote yea or nay on referenda sometimes can seem counterintuitive), rejecting Senate Bill 5 and overturning the legislation supported by Governor John Kasich which had stripped more than 350,000 public employees … Continue reading

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Those Eyes

In “Charlotte Rampling: The Look,” the amazing German fashion photographer Peter Linderbergh says to the eponymous subject of  Angelina Maccarone’s documentary that he wouldn’t be able to look at her “like this” without his camera. I know my cameras provide a … Continue reading

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