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Downtown Found

Peter Hujar‘s timeless black and white portraits are also, paradoxically, a true and beautiful view of a specific, vanished time and place, late 70s/early 80s in downtown Manhattan. That way of living, when the currency in the neighborhoods below 14th Street was art, friends, … Continue reading

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Now! 17% More!

Leo, our beloved big, beautiful boy, is 14 today. The life expectancy of a Labrador is 12 and that number, of course, is an average. Really long-lived outliers, dogs punching above their years-class, are mostly anecdotal. Jody, recently returned after a long … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Love

Nice sentiment, the above headline, romantic, true in an abstract way. But I imagined that that this young couple also needed a room of their own (likely they were sharing an apartment with older relatives–tough times in the GDR) and sought urban anonymity (which … Continue reading

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The Director’s Cut

Call me Alan Smithee. (It doesn’t need to be Alana. I’m used to a name with a bit of gender ambiguity.) Of course I’m kidding (some)–there was no film. I merely declined a byline (but not the corresponding photo credit). But unlike Michael Cimino who had … Continue reading

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