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A Naked Person’s 40+ Years of Gestation

Unreleased for more than 40 years, the great documentary filmmaker Les Blank’s wonderful, raucous “A Poem Is a Naked Person” has finally emerged. In 1972, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell invited Blank to make a film about him and his … Continue reading

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Grace Lee Boggs: 100

American hero, the indomitable Grace Lee Boggs is 100 today–and for more than three quarters of a century, with a literal belief in the promises made by our Constitution, she has been fighting for civil rights, equality. Boggs, brilliant and indefatigable, still … Continue reading

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Having a Little Work Done in Order to Keep Working

I’ve always been a fan of science fiction, although the majority of the genre’s women are merely intergalactic babes (looking at you, Barbarella). Even the great Uhura (Nichelle Nicols) was relegated to the role of the Enterprise’s receptionist. And Ripley, Sigourney … Continue reading

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Brooklyn’s Best Fest

As summer (my favorite season) approaches, BAMcinemaFest (my favorite reason to sit inside in good weather, gorging on this year’s bounty of independent film) kicks off its seventh annual edition. BAMcinemaFest (called “The city’s best independent film showcase” by The New Yorker, and losing … Continue reading

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Flag Day 2015

The “sound and fury, signifying nothing” patriotism of right-wing politicians has long included the metaphoric wrapping themselves in the flag, and an obsession with passing legislation to prevent our beautiful banner’s defacement, in egregious violation of the First Amendment’s right of … Continue reading

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The Stressful Side of Pastoral (Stillwater Diary)

In May, before the rain came, the sound of drops was constant, not water but leaf debris falling from the voracious mouths of caterpillars, insect Agent Orange, defoliating the trees, as they made their malignant lace. Near the house the preference was the beautiful … Continue reading

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