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Putting One Paw in Front of the Other

Slow, but steady, Leo turns 15 1/2 today. Happy birthday, dear Schmoo.

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Pinching the Mums (Stillwater Diary)

My wonderful, clever mother, Doris, grew up in a small, three-story apartment building, owned by her parents, on New Main Street in south Yonkers. My grandfather’s tailor shop (a child’s wonderland) occupied the ground floor. When my parents bought their … Continue reading

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Rough Water and Other Early Signs of Spring (Stillwater Diary)

The Esopus, full and fast from snow melt and days of rain, falls from the Spillway, makes a left at Brown’s Pond and speeds to the swimming hole, passing bare sycamores with their feet underwater. Early again this year, the false … Continue reading

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“Stella for Snow!”* (Stillwater Diary)

Nor’easter Stella (I remember when big winter storms were anonymous) covered Stone Ridge with nearly two feet of snow. Here, although shrinking, it remains mostly pristine, marked only by tracks made by deer, foxes and birds. With just a bit of a crunchy crust, it’s … Continue reading

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The Labrador in Winter Celebrates His Quinceañero

Leo, 15 today, is our big, beautiful, beloved odds defier (and “commands” defier–after he turned 14, we decided that come, stay, sit, etc., would be regarded merely as suggestions. This doesn’t apply to you, Ryder). He smells a little, not from dog breath or from rolling in … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago we went to friends’ annual winter solstice party. One of the hosts was wearing a black t-shirt that proclaimed in big white letters: Fuck 2016. Exactly. And as I’ve written in more than one recent email, although I know that … Continue reading

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Leo Saved From Drowning* (Stillwater Diary)

Leo, standing in the water, looked up at me. I’m trained, and threw the tennis ball across the swimming hole toward the big, flat rock–not that far (I don’t have a mighty arm). He swam easily but had difficulty getting his mouth around … Continue reading

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