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Rough Water and Other Early Signs of Spring (Stillwater Diary)

The Esopus, full and fast from snow melt and days of rain, falls from the Spillway, makes a left at Brown’s Pond and speeds to the swimming hole, passing bare sycamores with their feet underwater. Early again this year, the false … Continue reading

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Swellebores (Stillwater Diary)

Deborah was first to spot the chartreuse peaks and pleats, the false hellebores pushing up through the rocks and mud along the Groverkill, spectacularly signaling spring. This year they’re early, as the no-winter winter winds down, most memorable for a difference of more … Continue reading

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Winter Kills But False (Hellebores) Prove True (Stillwater Diary)

While the ravages of this cruel winter on some of the evergreens–white pines and rhododendron–are preferable to damage done by borers, fungi or the wooly adelgid, in that they timed out with the arrival of spring (neither Susan nor the forester had heard of current, non-weather related problems with either … Continue reading

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Hellebores False and True (Stillwater Diary)

Our first spring in Stone Ridge, Sally, who’d long lived part-time in Accord, on the Stonykill, identified the glowing green, pleated leaves poking out of muddy areas around the Groverkill–false hellebores. Some years the false hellebores extend their sturdy stems upward, above the leaves, … Continue reading

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