15 1/6

Leo, in the Groverkill, Stone Ridge, NY, 4/14/17

Leo’s scary episode of digestive distress, which began on April 7, routed all of us to the vet in Hurley last Monday for an all-day visit that stretched into an anxious overnight at the Kingston emergency hospital. He began to recover in the late afternoon on Tuesday, Babette’s birthday. (Coincidence? I don’t think so.)

For months Leo has been slower and ocassionally wobbly. His rear legs have less strength for pushing up from the floor, sometimes move in improbable directions and can sink down like an improperly tightened tripod–he allows us to call him Leo Lowrider. But he still makes his way down the hill to soak in the Groverkill.

Maybe Leo is playing us a bit. His footing was sure and quick yesterday when he wanted his share of a banana. And when a groundhog seriously miscalculated and appeared on the lawn, Leo kept up with Ryder, striking fear in the rodent’s heart, as they chased it under the shed.

As I’ve written before, only the very young and very old observe birthdays that include fractions. Today Leo is 15 1/6. Happy birthday, dear Schmoo, and many more.

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6 Responses to 15 1/6

  1. Roscoe Betsill says:

    Glad he’s on the mend!
    (even if he Is playing you)

  2. hankypaws says:

    Lee is pure perfect pup wrapped in the same blue/black hair color I had been, wish we still matched. Thank you for giving T & me the very best birthday ever Leo & Ry, RH & M. We love you

  3. David says:

    15 1/6 years young

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