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Flag Day 2017

Protest is patriotic. I’ve resisted absorbing that the incompetent-in-chief was born on Flag Day. No patriot, he. If our system works as designed (and if the members of the majority party in Congress grow a collective backbone–so far, no profiles … Continue reading

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Flag Day 2016

While I still feel the yearn for the gentleman from Vermont (whose accent charms my ear, reminding me of my wonderful father from the Bronx/Brooklyn), it’s time to support the gentlelady, lately from Chappaqua/Brooklyn, whose accent approximates that of my … Continue reading

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Flag Day 2015

The “sound and fury, signifying nothing” patriotism of right-wing politicians has long included the metaphoric wrapping themselves in the flag, and an obsession with passing legislation to prevent our beautiful banner’s defacement, in egregious violation of the First Amendment’s right of … Continue reading

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Flag Day 2014

In the United States, the term for the flag flown below the pole’s summit is half-staff  (half-mast technically refers to nautical use but the terms have become interchangeable) and it symbolizes mourning and respect. When Army Sergeant Shawn M. Farrell, 24, of Accord, … Continue reading

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Flag Day 2013

The Standard Color Reference of America is a book of fabric swatches of different colors, produced by The Color Association of America.  The exact red, white and blue (only officially required for flags produced for the federal government) are specified … Continue reading

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Flag Day 2012

“And Forever In Peace May You Wave”

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