Jeanne Moreau 1928-2017

Jeanne Moreau, Jury President, 33rd Berlin International Film Festival, backstage before the awards ceremony, 3/1/83

To honor the great Jeanne Moreau, who died on Monday at 89, Film Forum is showing the new restoration of Louis Malle’s film noir masterpiece, “Elevator to the Gallows” (1958), which propelled her to international film stardom. Malle, however, always rejected credit for Moreau’s elevation, saying that when the film was released, she had already been “recognized as the prime stage actress of her generation,” cast at the Comédie Française in her 20s, and had appeared in B-movie thrillers with Jean Gabin, films not unlike “Elevator to the Gallows.”

New Yorker critic David Denby has described the film, “Moreau’s nocturnal wanderings are made unbearably poignant by an exquisite Miles Davis jazz score that became famous in its own right… The street scenes, the bizarre, anomalous adventures that Moreau has on her nighttime quest, the anarchic kids who just pick up and go—all this looks forward to the New Wave.”

“Elevator to the Gallows” will screen at Film Forum through Thursday, August 17.

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2 Responses to Jeanne Moreau 1928-2017

  1. Roscoe Betsill says:

    Beautiful Robin- You Do get around
    She was one of my favorites and that’s my favorite of her films.
    I’ll be there on Thursday- thank you

    • Thanks, Roscoe.
      I have often thought “well, how did I get here?” when I’ve been in a room photographing a legend. (Alternately, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”–Dr. Seuss was a family favorite.)

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