Spring Speeds By (Stillwater Diary)

Kwanzan cherry tree, Stone Ridge, NY, 4/23/17

In late April and early May, work, fun and a Labrador health emergency kept us in New York, or sent us home from Stone Ridge at 3:00 am (no traffic on the Thruway or in town, as we drove though the night, too tired for sleep).

The Kwanzan cherry tree blossoms, all deep pink potential in the third week of April, were chunky pale pink confetti in the grass or camouflaged in the profuse copper-to-green leaves by mid-May. The Aristocrat pear flowers had gone from sparse to done.

Kwanzan cherry tree blossoms, Stone Ridge, NY, 5/14/17

Aristocrat pear tree, Stone Ridge, NY, 4/23/17

But I didn’t miss the show put on by the wild cherry (obviously not a rose, but qualifying as a floribunda), its white flowers taking advantage of the contrast provided by the bark of the maple behind it and the cloudless blue sky. Nor was I too late to see the pink pouches, opening to reveal groups of eager chartreuse hickory leaves.

Wild cherry, Stone Ridge, NY, 5/20/17

Hickory, Stone Ridge, NY, 5/8/17

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2 Responses to Spring Speeds By (Stillwater Diary)

  1. Wendy says:

    Wonderful images! Love the Kwanzan cherry blossoms in the grass! Yes, it’s getting to be that time of year…

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