Spring Training: Catch

Leo and Ryder, Stone Ridge, NY, 3/18/17

Labradors have excellent senses of humor. To make Leo and Ryder laugh, I packed a medium-sized snowball and tossed it in their direction, with the suggestion, “Catch.” In on the joke, they then insisted on playing only with snowballs, rejecting Maggie’s tennis balls, sticks and Ryder’s bright orange retrieval dummy. Sometimes the most appealing toy is ephemeral.

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6 Responses to Spring Training: Catch

  1. Joyce says:

    It looks like these guys are having so much fun, I can hear them laughing over here. There is an amazing difference between our climates right now. You have tons of snow and yesterday I walked around Lyon taking pictures of the flowering tulip trees and the dogwoods.

  2. David says:


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  3. hankypaws says:

    THIS IS HARD CORE SPRING TRAINING. LET’S GO MUTS! love, your biggest fans

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