“Stella for Snow!”* (Stillwater Diary)

Groverkill, Stone Ridge, NY, 3/19/17

Nor’easter Stella (I remember when big winter storms were anonymous) covered Stone Ridge with nearly two feet of snow. Here, although shrinking, it remains mostly pristine, marked only by tracks made by deer, foxes and birds. With just a bit of a crunchy crust, it’s great for snowshoeing (and Labrador exuberance). As I walked to the Groverkill, small snowballs escaping from the front of my snowshoes rolled downhill, carving shallow patterns that looked like contrails.

Stone Ridge, NY, 3/19/17

Ryder, Stone Ridge, NY, 3/17/17

Kingston was similarly blanketed and plows clearing the snow in the parking lots at the mall formed mini mountains, funny temporary landscapes that I find appealing.

Home Depot, Kingston, NY, 3/18/17

McDonald’s, Kingston, NY, 3/18/17

In NYC, fewer than eight inches fell, which quickly transformed into frozen filth along the curb and complicated passages at intersections.

Greenwich Street, NYC, 3/16/17

*Apologies to Blanche Dubois, who greets her sister in the first scene of Tennessee Williams’s “A Streetcar Named Desire,”  “Stella, oh, Stella, Stella! Stella for Star!”

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