Cookie Puss on the 6

Athena and Bobo, 6 train-Lexington Avenue Local, between 23rd Street and 14th Street, NYC, 1/1//17

Athena and Bobo, IRT 6-Lexington Avenue Local, between 23rd Street and 14th Street, NYC, 1/1//17

A young couple with large duffle-style backpacks and two bundled dogs entered the train at 23rd Street. It said “service dog” on small patches on Athena and Bobo’s coats and Pabst Blue Ribbon on the can in the woman’s non-leash hand. (Chris said that he didn’t really mind if someone drank a beer on the train, and joked, “But why such a clichéd brand?”)

During an interminable delay at Astor Place, Athena, with her gorgeous black-and-white- cookie face, found me, sniffed all my pockets, correctly detecting biscuit dust. And she did her job, soothing the frustration of being stuck in the station.

Need soothing (and a way to take action and shout truth to illegitimate power) as the sexist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, incompetent president-elect ascends to the presidency (outrageously taking the oath using the Lincoln Bible)?  Lace up your marching boots and take to the streets on Saturday, January 21 for the Women’s March on Washington or join one of the 600–and counting–sister marches), being held in cities and towns throughout our country (including NYC), and the world.


(Thank you, Congressman Jerry Nadler, for refusing to participate in the inauguration.)

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2 Responses to Cookie Puss on the 6

  1. Wendy Palitz Robbins says:

    Heading to the DC march. Yes, resist!

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