Reading and Riding

1 train, between 42nd and 50th Streets, NYC, 10/25/16

1 train, between 42nd and 50th Streets, NYC, 10/25/16

We all feel happy. There are two dogs on the 1, a Yorkie squirming out of her stylish carrying bag, and the other, small and soft with a sweet face, sitting on the floor, semi-hidden between her mom’s knees.

To my right, a woman (lovely, with Liz Taylor/ Cleopatra eyeliner) volunteers that she weighs 95 pounds and that her husky (Turkish, not Siberian) weighs 102. Of course we lift up our phones, offering pictures of our dogs. She laughs at Ryder on the ex-sofa.

From the opposite end of the car,  a skinny guy with a container of candy, stands and asks for money. Entertaining his audience, he laughs, “Don’t worry, I like white people.” As he makes his way toward us, he says, “I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff. Maybe Trump will win.” I give him a dollar and think about what he said. A few stops later, I approach him where he’s leaning on a pole. “I’ve never seen anything as full of sustained craziness as the Trump campaign.” He agrees. “But,” I add, “he won’t win.” He nods, offers me a piece of candy.

1 train, between 50th and 59th Streets, NYC, 10/25/16

1 train, between 50th and 59th Streets, NYC, 10/25/16


Mark and I exited the train at 79th Street and headed to Book Culture, a few blocks north on Columbus, to hear Sonya Chung read from and talk about her new (and second) novel, “The Loved Ones,” a story of two families, African-American and Korean, in D.C. in the 80s. Like in her wonderful debut, “Long for This World,” the language is precise and beautiful and her characters so real that it was hard to return to the room when Sonya was done reading.

I’ve not yet finished Book One in “The Loved Ones.” I intend to make real progress this weekend as well as read a new interview with Sonya.

Sonya Chung, NYC, 1/21/16

Sonya Chung, NYC, 1/21/16

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2 Responses to Reading and Riding

  1. Joyce says:

    I can’t tell you how nostalgic this makes me for my past life in NYC. I even miss the subway and the fact that people actually talk to each other in between stops. Here life is a bit slower and I am able to walk to work, there are advantages on both side of the Atlantic. Both sides have one thing in common though, political campaigns unlike anything we have seen before.

    • Hi, Joyce.
      For me (even though I’ve been on it), the Métro is endlessly romantic–so many great scenes shot by so many great French directors.
      The election here just took a frightening turn, with FBI director Comey’s letter to Congress stating that new emails have been discovered that “might be pertinent” to the investigation into Clinton emails. And the discovery involves Anthony Weiner’s sick (second) sexting scandal. As someone on TV said, if it were a script written for “House of Cards,” it would have been rejected as too ridiculous.
      Hope all is well with you.

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