My Beautiful Outlier

Leo, Swimming Hole, Stone Ridge, NY, 8/9/16

Leo, swimming hole, Stone Ridge, NY, 8/9/16

Half birthdays as milestones only apply to the very young and the impressively old. Leo is 14 1/2 today. And while we’re unwilling to say that he’s old (we say older), we’re aware of our good luck–the life expectancy of a Labrador is 12.

Leo, healthy, happy and hungry, offers his secrets for his longevity: good genes, swimming, retrieving over land and in water, lots of sleep, Ryder, Blue Buffalo, sharing whatever we’re eating and a daily glass of a good Côtes du Rhône (I made that part up).

Happy half birthday, beloved Schmoo, and borrowing from a chant that I wish were applicable in 2016’s political season (I miss President Obama already), four more years.

Leo, Groverkill, Stone Ridge, NY, 8/12/16

Leo, Groverkill, Stone Ridge, NY, 8/12/16

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6 Responses to My Beautiful Outlier

  1. hankypaws says:

    Happy Birthday Perfect Nephew! Enjoy a big birthday dinner & a half of whatever you want. I think you said very large thick steak? Check with Ry, he might want a different cut.
    love and kisses, B, T & R

  2. David says:

    Happy 1/2 Birthday Leo. xoxo

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Wendy says:

    What. A. Face.

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