The Interpretation of Dreams

Clockwise from top: Daniel Patrick Carbone, Lily Baldwin, Dan Schoenbrun and Lauren Wolkstein

Clockwise from top: Daniel Patrick Carbone, Lily Baldwin, Dan Schoenbrun and Lauren Wolkstein

Filming each other’s dreams freed filmmakers Daniel Patrick Carbone, Josephine Decker, Lauren Wolkstein, Frances Bodomo and Lily Baldwin from the conventional requirements of narrative. And with this concept, originated by executive producer Dan Schoenbrun, they made the “somnomnibus” “collective:unconscious,” five experimental shorts filled with beauty and invention. Amazing animation of the filmmakers by Maya Edelman precedes the films, which are punctuated by mini sessions with hypnotherapist Dan Ryan.

The immersive worlds include endless intrusive sound coming from loudspeakers on a rural fire tower, countered by a folksinger, possibly from Eastern Europe, and a young man recording her (Daniel Patrick Carbone); manic dancers and a newly released incarcerated man, easily slipping between distant locations (Josephine Decker); a gender nonconforming teenager saving a gym class from a volcano and an equally dangerous phys. ed. teacher with a creep’s mustache (Lauren Wolkstein); Ripa the Reaper (the great Tonya Perkins), the star of a weekly TV show, “Everybody Dies!” which is shot like an 80s public-access broadcast, with the accompanying muffled sound (Frances Bodomo); and a major maternal meltdown, photographed with a pale palette in a grocery store and at a bbq party at a suburban house, and heightened with sequences of ferocious choreography (Lily Baldwin, who also stars and dances).

“collective:unconscious” will open Friday, August 5 at Made in NY Media Center by IFP (30 John Street, Dumbo) for a one-week run, with special events after each show. The film will be available free online on Tuesday, August 9.

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