Flag Day 2016

IMG_5919_©robinhollandWhile I still feel the yearn for the gentleman from Vermont (whose accent charms my ear, reminding me of my wonderful father from the Bronx/Brooklyn), it’s time to support the gentlelady, lately from Chappaqua/Brooklyn, whose accent approximates that of my beloved Aunt Harriet, who was from Chicago. There is no room in our beautiful country for the toxic hatred oozing from the beast/boor from Queens.

Hillary said, it takes a village to raise a child.  Bernie says, it takes a political revolution, not just (Debbie Wasseman Shultz/Democratic) politics as usual to get our country back on track and to deal with income inequality, Wall Street’s excesses, voting rights, universal health care, free public college, climate change…

Thank you, Bernie, you, who like countless other Americans (including me), take the Founding Fathers at their word: All men are created equal.

Happy Flag Day.








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