A Lilac Bush’s Semi-Unusual Prostrate Habit (Stillwater Diary)

Lilac bush, Stone Ridge, 5/8/16

Lilac bush, Stone Ridge, NY, 5/8/16

Winter 2015’s late season heavy, wet snow sheared branches off the intricate old lilac bushes and toppled one, horizontal, parallel to the ground, but still tenuously rooted. The plant, ok with its new posture, survived, and the first lilac flower this deep dismal May opened on that bush. Determined sucker growth is pushing out, vertically, along the downed but surviving trunk. (Reality can suggest corny metaphors–bloom where you find yourself, etc.–but I’ll pass.)

The false hellebores are taking a pass too–no slender green spikes holding nearly camouflaged small green flowers this year. The genuine hellebores seemingly spent the winter in some critters’ mouths. The leaves look like they were cut with pinking shears and the buds are missing. But  the violets (which share their name with my favorite little girl) are blooming profusely near the Groverkill and in the woods.

New Paltz, NY, 5/13/16 (deep dismal)

New Paltz, NY, 5/13/16 (deep dismal)

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