Their Aim Is True

Bridge Group Artists

Bridge Group Artists

With the Bridge Group Artists‘ canvas, paper, pencils and paints stored away, their studio serves quite nicely as Gallery 300.  The Bridge/Museum of Modern Art’s latest partnership exhibit, “Finding Center” (including work by Jonathan Maronge, who recently joined BGA), opens Tuesday, January 19, at 248 West 108th Street, with a reception from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm and remarks at 3:15 pm. (If you’re a collector, arrive early.)

Program director, astute, no-nonsense and compassionate art therapist Judith Raskin-Ronsenthal, says, “The show is the most beautiful and inspirational one we’ve put together yet.” She adds that the artists were influenced by several 2015 exhibits at MoMA, particularly the 60 small tempera paintings featured in  “One-Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series.”

Long-time BGA member, Scott Zwiren, published three limited-edition artist books in August 2015, “Telling Stories,” “Seeing Things,” and “Painting Pictures,”  which are a “culmination of twenty-five years of work that went through versions as novels, plays, improvisation, and even music before their completion.”

“Finding Center” continues at Gallery 300 through January 31, and then it travels to MoMA’s education department gallery, 4 West 54th Street, and will be on view from February 1 through February 28. An opening reception is on Wednesday, February 10, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

(BGA portraits above, top row, left to right: Francisco Ortiz, Michael Blamo, Jonathan Maronge; second row, left to right: Rosalia Silva, Glenn Grancio, Eugenia Aledo; third row, left to right: Chris Zavalo, James Sneed, Ira Brewer; bottom row, left to right: Robert Kaplan, Patricia Doherty, Scott Zwiren.)

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