“Interior Portraits”

Accord, NY

Accord, NY

I’m dog crazy (mine, Babette’s, friends’) and grin like a madwoman at every pup I pass on the street.  But I’ve managed to restrict the Venn diagram where my love of dogs and collectible objects overlap to vintage cast iron dog doorstops (and two boot scrapers). The first doorstop I acquired was in Lucketts, VA, and it was, of course, a black and white Boston terrier.

At an auction at the Epworth Center in High Falls over Memorial Day weekend 2012, I bulked up my collection, adding a German shepherd, an English setter, and expanding into the boot scrapers, a dachshund with the scraper in his back and two spaniels flanking the blade.  It was one of those rare sales–although the room was full, everyone else’s desire was fixed on other objects and my haul was a giddy bargain.

A uniquely stylish woman whom I recognized from New York (and only knew by first name) was after a few specific paintings and when she and I spoke, and introduced ourselves, I was surprised that she was someone I certainly knew ofLinda O’Keeffe, design writer and editor extraordinaire, and formerly the creative director of the much-missed Metropolitan Home.

That August Linda emailed to find out if I shot interiors in addition to portraits.  We met, talked for hours on her screened porch, and she asked if I’d like to shoot the Hudson Valley houses that would be part of the new book she was working on, her first for Rizzoli. With a lot of excitement (but also more anxiety than I’d had in accepting an assignment since very early in my career), I said yes.

Fast forward–I photographed eight projects for Linda’s recently-published “Heart and Home: Rooms That Tell Stories.”  The book includes houses, apartments and lofts–in New York (upstate and down), Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Berlin, France, India, the Philippines–which belong to architects, designers (interior, fashion, furniture and creative), artists, collectors, antique dealers, and shows in gorgeous photos and layouts and fascinating pieces how the pros please their most demanding client: him/herself.

I loved the shoots–working with Linda, meeting the designers (and sometimes their dogs), loved how different shooting interiors is from shooting portraits, and then again, how it’s not that different.  And I’m immensely proud that one of my images is on the back cover.

Kerhonkson, NY

Kerhonkson, NY

Kingston, NY

Kingston, NY

Accord, NY

Accord, NY

Amenia, NY

Amenia, NY

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10 Responses to “Interior Portraits”

  1. The first image is striking. I love the lines that come from the chairs.

  2. hankypaws says:

    When Robin started my dog collection I yelped, happily she continues. My biggest collection is books. ‘Heart and Home: Rooms that Tell Stories” (1st,1st inscribed) has the spot of honor on my coffee table, a white cast iron German Shepard from RH stands guard.

    • Hadn’t really thought about it before now but by giving you dog collectibles, I can keep my pack under control. Couldn’t pass up the chalkware and glitter trio in Brooke’s store in Andes, and we split a pair of boxers (well, boxerish), also chalkware found in West Virginia. And you had to have the painting of the dog and lamb in a storm because the dog’s a husky.

  3. andrew says:

    simply beautiful. congrats. xo

  4. Robin – it was such a pleasure working with you on these stories. Your passion and talent enabled you to take to interiors photography like a duck to water…..or maybe I should continue the theme of these replies and say ‘like a dog to a piece of juicy steak’? Not sure if that’s the best analogy but I think you may know what I mean. Passion and talent

    • Thank you, Linda (and very funny).
      And in addition to the two qualities you listed–which would make me blush if I blushed–I also think my nosiness helped. Amazing to see so much of these amazing places, amazing lives.

  5. D. Saunders says:

    Hey Robin,

    Congrats on the interiors! I love doing anything architecture-related (in addition to portraits) so I can appreciate your enjoyment. :–)

    Hope 2015 is going well so far.



    Daryl-Ann Saunders Photography 646-808-6035

    • Hi, Daryl Ann.
      So good to hear from you.
      I’d never shot interiors before working with Linda on her book. I loved doing the shoots, spending time in each beautiful space (and having an “all-access pass”–I’m kind of nosy).
      Hope you’re doing great.
      all best,

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