Barks and Recreation


Our sweet Ryder is a noisy dog, the barkiest of our four Labradors, particularly vocal when we’re in the country.  If he sniffs something, he says something.

Ryder likes to swim, sleep and of course retrieve–sticks, his orange plastic dummy and balls, pretty much in that order.  He also enjoys literally chewing the scenery–ferns, fledgling pine trees and invasive Japanese stiltgrass.

Today he’s six.  Happy birthday, beloved PiePie.

SR 0814_070_©robinholland




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2 Responses to Barks and Recreation

  1. Andrew says:

    happy birthday to one of my favorite libras

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR PERFER NEPHEW! We love you, Rye-Rye and we love Lee-Lee. Aunt Dog Biscuit, Uncle T, Hanky Paws and Ru-Ru

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