So Many Films. So Make the Time.

BAMcinemaFest 2014 filmmakers

BAMcinemaFest 2014 Filmmakers

I live in lower Manhattan which hasn’t been a hip neighborhood in years (decades?). Brooklyn, as the wide world knows, is the epicenter of all that’s creative (and cool).

It’s possible that a little bit hipster cred might be rubbing off on me–this is my third year working with BAMcinématek on a wonderful project, photographing the amazing filmmakers participating in the annual not-to-be missed BAMcinemaFest.  Presenting premieres of “emerging voices in American independent cinema,” BAMcinémaFest (now in its sixth year) has been called “New York’s best independent film showcase” by The New Yorker.

This year the opening and closing night slots feature two directors whose names figure prominently in the origin story of American independent film, Richard Linklater (the New York premiere of his epic coming-of-age story, “Boyhood”) and Spike Lee (a 25th anniversary screening of his ground-breaking film, “Do the Right Thing”).

BAMcinemaFest will run through June 29.

BAMcinemaFest 2014 Filmmakers

BAMcinemaFest 2014 Filmmakers

Upper Grid: top row, left to right: Amanda Rose Wilder, Amir Bar-Lev, Zach Wigon; bottom row, left to right: Jeff Preiss, Sophia Takal and Lawrence Michael Levine, Desiree Akhavan.  All images © Robin Holland.

Lower Grid: top row, left to right: Josephine Decker, Tim Sutton, Kyle Molzan and Bingham Bryant; bottom row, left to right: Nick Singer, John Magary, Madeleine Olnek. All images © Robin Holland.

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