Adam and Eve: World Without End

Jim Jarmsuch, NYC, Centuries Ago

Jim Jarmsuch, NYC, Centuries Ago (8/10/84)

Centuries-married and still in love, bed-head coiffed vampires Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton) are living separately in Detroit and Tangier.  Sensing that her virtuoso musician husband, finding the modern world a bad fit, is depressed, she methodically books a red-eye.  Shortly after her arrival, the joy of their reunion is marred by the arrival of her rambunctious younger sister, Ava (Mia Wasikowska), whom they haven’t seen in 87 years.  As the situation deteriorates, they flee his home for hers.

The highly entertaining “Only Lovers Left Alive” is a Jim Jarmusch film and has all the elements that characterize his unique work–deadpan humor, great music (here including Yasmine Hamdan and Jarmusch playing guitar for Adam), hipster characters, gorgeous visuals, particular pacing (lots of long takes) and a relaxed plot.  Much the way Jarmusch, with “Dead Man” (shot by the incomparable Robbie Müller), made the western his own, in his romantic new film, he offers his specific take on the vampire genre–his Adam and Eve are world citizens, loyal friends, and literate adults with a long historical perspective.

“Only Lovers Left Alive” will open on Friday, April 11 at Landmark Sunshine Cinema (with Jim Jarmusch in person for a Q&A after the 5:00 pm show and to introduce the 7:30 pm show), the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center and the Walter Reade Theater, with a nationwide release to follow.  Today is the last day of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Jarmusch series, “Permanent Vacation: The Films of Jim Jarmsuch.”

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