Next Year at Marienbad?

Alain Resnais, NYC, 12/12/80

Alain Resnais, NYC, 12/12/80

Alain Resnais’ “Last Year At Marienbad” is the most famous film that I’ve never seen (unless you count “Rocky”–and most of my friends don’t–which is an entirely different filmgoing experience).

Starring Delphine Seyrig and with an Oscar-nominated screenplay by Alain Robbe-Grillet, Resnais’ legendary film played at Film Forum last night–it’s a must to be seen on the big screen–with the extra bonus of an introduction by my former colleague at the Village Voice, film critic Jim Hoberman.

I had planned to see it, finally, but my station wagon, sadly becalmed as we were attempting to leave Stone Ridge on Monday (a problem with failed fuel injectors and an animal-chewed wiring harness), changed the shape of the week.

Alain Resnais was the second director I photographed (Douglas Sirk was the first).  He was in New York for the release of “Mon oncle d’Amérique.”   He’s now 91 and in post-production on his latest feature, “Aimer, boire et chanter.”

(Jenny said Film Forum will certainly show “Last Year at Marienbad” again and she made a note to let me know as soon as it’s scheduled.)

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One Response to Next Year at Marienbad?

  1. keyfalls says:

    You really must teach Ryder and Leo not to chew those wires.

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