Mystery, Beauty and Cartoons

TN 0810_086_scrs

Tom Nozkowski, High Falls, NY

I’ve photographed many artists and innumerable exhibitions but having worked with masters at The Village Voice (Peter Schjeldahl, Jerry Saltz and art editor–and food/culture critic extraordinaire–Jeff Weinstein), I know I’m not an art critic.  (I’m not really a film critic either but having played one on this blog for a couple of years, it’s not an uncomfortable fit.)

Thomas Nozkowski is having his third exhibit at Pace, showing 21 oil paintings (most are 22″x28″) and across the street in a temporary space, nearly 50 works on paper.  His abstractions are beautiful, cartoony, mysterious, unique.  The paintings are small enough to get lost in, big enough to contain a new world.  For a better exploration of terra Tom than I can provide, there’s John Yau’s new article for Hyperallergic.

Thomas Nozkowski at Pace, 508 and 511 West 25th Street, through March 23.

"Untitled (9-26) (The Katy Kill)," 2012 (detail, Thomas Nozkowski opening, Pace, New York, 2/22/13

“Untitled (9-26) (The Katy Kill),” 2012 (detail, Thomas Nozkowski opening, Pace, NYC, 2/22/13

Tom Nozkowski's studio, High Falls, NY

Tom Nozkowski’s studio, High Falls, NY


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