Oldest Living Labrador Retriever (Eats All)



Today my big, beautiful, ball-, bone- and biscuit-obsessed black Labrador, Leo is 11.  And while he’s not within drooling distance of the Guinness record, he’s my longest lived Labrador Retriever–large, lovely, laid-back Willie and fast, funny, brilliant Grover died at 10 (three weeks before 9/11) and nine, respectively.

And although Leo sees the world as a banquet, vacuums the sidewalk in NYC, today he (and Ryder, just four) will enjoy what we perceive as his favorites–the everyday bananas, vegetables, bread and cheese; a frequent treat, marrow bone; and the special occasion raw steak.  It’s not that Leo necessarily prefers carpaccio, he just prefers not to wait.

Happy birthday, Schmoo, and many more.

And happy birthday to my wonderful friend Camille in L.A.


Leo, Stone Ridge, 2/16/13

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6 Responses to Oldest Living Labrador Retriever (Eats All)

  1. hankypaws says:

    If I knew where I put my cell ( I’m sure it’s not in the wash, I just called it) I would have realized it was the 17th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERFECT NEPHEW! love, T, H, R and Aunt Dog Biscuit

  2. Hans says:

    Congrats, Leo, you are an amazing and beloved dog !

  3. Andrew says:

    happy birthday Leo. you’re fun and lovable and great. one of the greatest we’ve ever known. here is to many more. bdays. xo J/V/G/A

  4. lperbeck says:

    Happy Birthday Leo! Beautiful photos of you! Hello to you all, Love, Lori, Lola + Serge

  5. Camille says:

    Happy Birthday, Leo! You look fabulous, your personality really comes through. Great photo! You live in a beautiful place,too. Many, many more happy birthdays and birthday photos. With love,

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