V-DAY (Rising)


The staggering statistic: one in three women on earth will be physically assaulted in her lifetime.  Today, in more 194 countries, on the 15th anniversary of  V-Day (V for Victory, Valentine and Vagina), women (and men), will participate in One Billion Rising events: striking, singing, dancing–an enormous global presence demanding the end to the violence.

Jane can actually dance.  I’m inelegant, but game, and we’re off to Washington Square Park at 1:30 pm to join the dance flash mob which will start moving at 2:14 pm:


To find an event near you:


And I can’t think of women rising without thinking of Dr. Maya Angelou and her beautiful, endlessly inspiring 1978 poem, “Still I Rise.”



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One Response to V-DAY (Rising)

  1. hankypaws says:

    Another great post. Cupid would love this photo. I’m crazy about it and what you’ve written.

    I happen to know you dance just as good as you shoot and write, Archie Bell.

    I give it a 10. And not just because you’ll be dancing to it.

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