Closed Roads, Real and Virtual

Holland Tunnel exit, 11/7/12, 12:07 pm

Contrary to what I’ve said on occasion, the engineer of the Holland Tunnel, Clifford Milburn Holland, was not my family’s “Great Uncle Cliffie.”

Hurricane Sandy closed the tunnel (it reopened on Wednesday) and the quiet and cleaner air in unsnarled North Tribeca was almost unsettling.  The storm also shut down “the information super highway” (remember the late 90s commercial with the annoying child with the Aussie accent?) and highspeed internet was restored on my block last night.

Holland Tunnel entrance, 11/7/12, 1:33 pm

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3 Responses to Closed Roads, Real and Virtual

  1. Andrew says:

    love these photos but now i am confused…when you said you’d give me the holland tunnel someday and i could live off the tolls that might not be true?

    • Of course the tunnel (and its tolls) are mine–but it’s just so unfashionable to be the 1% these days–and will someday be Jonah and Violet’s (these things skip a generation)

  2. hankypaws says:

    Uncle Cliffe? Oh, say it ain’t so.
    Great photos and once in a 2012 shots hopefully. Welcome back to the world.

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