Totally Requited

Douglas Sirk

I’m thrilled and honored that the newest “Movie Lovers We Love” column in Indiewire by Bryce Renninger features my longtime, on-going project–portraits of directors–and a gallery (“From Sirk to Zeitlin”) of 16 of my favorite images:

Thank you, Bryce.  Thank you, Dana (Harris, Indiewire’s editor-in-chief).

I’ve been a faithful, daily Indiewire reader since the late 90s and the evolution and growth of the site has paralleled the increasing fascination with and coming of age of independent film.  An argument could certainly be made that without Indiewire and the community it created, independent film wouldn’t have become so vital so quickly.

In the early years of the 21st century, IFC enlisted Indiewire staff members to produce an insider’s view of off-studio movies, the engrossing  (both words and images) but too short-lived IFCRant.  It was wonderful to meet and work with Indiewire editor-in-chief and co-founder Eugene Hernandez (now director of digital Strategy at the Film Society of Lincoln Center),  and editors Brian Brooks (now at Movieline), Erin Torneo (now in Dublin, writing books) and Andrea Meyer (now in Boston, also an author).

I shot several covers and features for IFCRant.  Halle Berry (so shockingly, disconcertingly beautiful that when I introduced myself, I almost drew a blank on my own name), Steve Buscemi, and co-directors/co-stars of “The Anniversary Party,”Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh.  And Julianne Moore, first dressed in a tux and then only wearing pearls, to accompany the article on her career and her (then) latest film, Todd Haynes’ homage to Douglas Sirk, “Far From Heaven.”

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One Response to Totally Requited

  1. Those were the days!
    Thinking about you and hoping you are OK in lower Manhattan. xo

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