Matthew Wilkas, Jonathan Lisecki and Jenn Harris, NYC, 6/25/12

Self-aware and self-conscious–and very funny–the 30-something New Yorkers who populate “Gayby,” writer/director Jonathan Lisecki’s new feature, are trying to anchor themselves in real life, working to sort out relationships (romantic and otherwise), careers, and the possibility of the ultimate adult challenge, parenthood.

Jenn (Jenn Harris), SWF, and Matt (Matthew Wilkas), who is gay, best friends since college, are extremely likable and their untraditional babymaking story unfolds organically, which is not to say that the proceeding aren’t punctuated with some hilarious one-liners, often delivered by Nelson (Lisecki), who describes himself as a Nelly Bear, denying that it’s an oxymoron.

When I shot Jonathan, Matt and Jenn they were instant-on, fun, collaborative, adorable–which really was too bad because JL is one of the funniest directors (funniest anybodies) I’ve shot and I would have liked to have spent more time listening and laughing.

“Gayby” will open on Friday, October 12 at Cinema Village in New York and October 26 in Los Angeles, with expansion to follow.

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