Aging Into His Career

Backstage has undergone a spectacular redesign, led by Creative Director Kelly Lewis, ably assisted by Associate Art Director William Scalia, and I’m wow’d by it and really happy with the use of my portraits of Logan Lerman on the cover of the current (second “new”) issue and inside for Film and TV Editor Jenelle Riley’s feature.

Easy-going, professional, handsome Logan Lerman, 20, who has played the younger version of a disparate group of actors–Ashton Kutcher, George Hamilton and Mel Gibson–as well as the latter’s son, is coming of age (and out of flashbacks) to play leading roles.  In “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” (opening in New York and Los Angeles on September 21), directed and written by Stephen Chbosky (adapted from his admired young adult novel), Logan stars as Charlie, an introverted and awkward high school freshman.  In Darren Aronofsky’s upcomg “Noah” (2014), Logan plays Noah’s son Ham.  (A barely teenage actor, Dakota Goyo, plays Noah/Russell Crowe’s younger version).

Read  Jenelle’s articles here:

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