Heat and Dust (and Salt)

Truro, MA, 7/17/12

The house was on a dirt road, so dry from the lack of rain, that each of the surprising number of cars that used it all day, up and down, up and down, stirred up the dust and it coated the oaks, Virginia creeper, pines and poison ivy.

Truro, MA, 7/17/12

Truro, MA, 7/17/12

But there was an upside to the relentless heat for reluctant bathers–the sea was warm.

Truro, MA, 7/18/12

And when the rain finally came, it was the time for a trip to the factory of my favorite purveyor of salt–the Cape Cod Potato Chips Company–for a tour, free samples, additional bags (purchased) and some interesting facts: it takes approximately four pounds to make one pound of potato chips because a potato is mostly water;  Cape Cod uses 39 million pounds of potatoes a year, grown on 1,400 acres from Maine to North Carolina and packages 80,000 bags a day; after the chips are taken from the kettle, the excess oil is spun off in a centrifuge and each chip is inspected by hand and then salted; the salter is above the inspection table and chips that don’t make the grade, considered organic waste, are sent to farmers for animal feed.

Hyannis, MA, 7/20/12

Hyannis, MA, 7/20/12

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2 Responses to Heat and Dust (and Salt)

  1. John Mueller says:

    Makes me hungry for some potato chips just looking at the pictures:)

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