Reasons to Sit Indoors on a Sunny Saturday

Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie, NYC, 6/14/12

Brothers and filmmaking partners, 20-something New Yorkers Josh Safdie and Ben Safdie have curated a program of shorts, “Take Me to the Balloony Bin!” for BAMcinemaFest, screening today at 2 pm.  The Safdies latest, “The Black Balloon,” follows the eponymous latex hero as it escapes from the hand of a harried man, meets humans, and becomes a liberator.  The program also includes Albert Lamorisse’s  classic, “The Red Balloon” and Buster Keaton, aloft in a hot-air balloon in “The Balloonatic.”

A portrait of a watchful, quiet man in crisis, Keith Miller’s first feature “Welcome to Pine Hill” stars charismatic newcomer Shannon Harper.  Originating from a chance encounter between Miller and Harper and a disagreement over a pit bull, the film was shot (beautifully) in Brooklyn and upstate New York.  It blurs the lines between documentary and fiction as Harper (a powerful presence), after receiving devastating news, tries to makes peace with his past and then heads off into the woods.  The film (produced by Esopus Creek Productions–how could I not have been instantly drawn to it?)–screens at BAMcinemaFest today at 4:30 pm.

Q&As with the directors follow both screenings.

Keith Miller, NYC, 6/14/12

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