2 or 3 Things I Know About Him

Bruce Goldstein

Bruce Goldstein is celebrating his 25th anniversary as programmer (extraordinaire) of Film Forum’s repertory screen and all of us, friends and filmgoers, are celebrating our continuing good fortune, remembering series devoted to stars and genres as diverse as Josephine Baker, film noir, westerns, Al Pacino, Billy Wilder, silents (with piano accompaniment), Russ Meyer, Robert Bresson.  And having premiered nearly 1,000 new prints and restorations and remaining committed to showing the best possible 35mm prints, this past March, Bruce took a look at the future, DCP (Digital Cinema Package), screening such classics as “The Red Shoes,” “Dr. Strangelove” and “Taxi Driver”

Each spring at Film Forum’s annual members’ brunch the cognoscenti jam Bruce’s room for a gorgeous print of a film by a great silent comedy star (Keaton, Lloyd, Chaplin) and some very special extras: “De Düve: The Dove,” a hilarious 1968 send up of Bergman with Madeline Kahn (Bruce’s exhaustive Igmar Bergman retrospective began the following week); a paragraph-long play (cast as the photographer, I had one line–Bruce said it was a part I was born to play; Kath Gates got to be the movie star–I don’t think it was only because she had an appropriate dress); the cardboard glasses with red lens and green plastic lenses were handed out and a selection of Harold Lloyd’s 3D photographs were projected onto the movie screen.

In addition (as I’ve written before) to being IMDb with legs, Bruce knows everyone who shares his obsession (and has befriended scores).  And he’s brought many of  them to my studio or sent me, with equipment, to them.  (I have to remind him to ask his friend, the legendary dancer and choreographer Marge Champion, if she’ll let me photograph her.  Ms. Champion, earning $10 a day, was filmed for the reference of Disney animators for Snow White and I’ve been determined to do the shoot since Bruce introduced us at a party and she was wearing a t-shirt proclaiming–but in diminutive letters–“I Was Snow White But Then I Strayed.”)

Bravo, Bruce–here’s to 25 more.

Russ Meyer

Nicholas Roeg

Harold Nicholas

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