And, Speaking of “Shameless”

Emma Kenney, NYC, 2/29/12

Four images from my cover shoot for the current issue of Back Stage with smart, funny, charming (and I hope she doesn’t mind me saying, adorable), Emma Kenney, who plays Debbie Gallagher, one of William H. Macy’s six kids, in “Shameless.”

I’m frequently asked which was/were my favorite shoot(s).  And although I’m endlessly amazed by whom I’ve found myself in a room/studio/street/landscape with, I often answer, not entirely kidding, that it’s the most stressful jobs that stick in my mind (the worst: no-show Grace Jones, while my assistant and I passed what seemed like all eternity–eight hours, actually, and it was in the pre-iPad era–in a small, dark hotel room at Le Parker Meridien, without a budget for room service) and that good shoots are like Tolstoy’s happy families–all the same.  They blend in memory.

But my recent shoot with Emma was wonderfully memorable and totally fun.  She’s both a talented actress and a regular middle school kid, with none of the cloying precociousness endemic to many child performers  Thanks to all: Emma, of course, for her boundless energy (even after a full day of school); Back Stage staffers, photo/video producer Andrew Hur and writer Simi Horwitz; Elise Koseff and Maggie Schuster of MKS&D Talent Management; Gillian Kenney, Emma’s mother; and Jordan Long for beautiful (and age-appropriate–Emma’s 12) hair and makeup.

Read Back Stage writer Simi Horwitz’s interview with Emma here:

Emma Kenney (@EmmaRoseKenney) will be live tweeting tonight’s new episode of “Shameless” on Showtime, beginning at 9 pm.

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