Shameless Plug

Babette Holland Design

I’m not sure which of my favorite MSNBC anchors (Chris Hayes?  Chuck Todd?) offers his guests, at the end of the broadcast, an opportunity to promote a new publication or a project (their own or something so close that it requires full disclosure).

The 11th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show at Pier 94 (55th Street at 12th Avenue) runs through Sunday.  My sister, Babette Holland, and my almost sister,  Rachel Simon, are participating.  Babette’s lamps and mirrors, with their shimmering finishes, and Rachel’s lamps that evoke endless summer, are totally gorgeous.  And just because I’m deeply biased, doesn’t preclude me from being right.

Run, don’t walk.  Well, it’s probably easier to take a cab.  If the venue were any further west, it would be in the Hudson River, not just on pylons above it (and at the pace they’re developing New York City, it could happen–the lower west side is largely landfill).

Rachel Simon/Lights Up!

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One Response to Shameless Plug

  1. hankypaws says:

    Some lucky sister who gets a beautiful
    photo and such a great shameless plug.

    Bet both she and Rachel are really tall, too.

    Thank you, RH.

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