Kucinich v. Kaptur: Nation Loses

Dennis Kucinich

There was another election in Ohio on Tuesday.  And one of Congress’ most stalwart progressives, Dennis Kucinich, lost his primary race to a somewhat/sometime right (that is, left)-thinking Democratic, Marcy Kaptur.

Kucinich’s House eviction by gerrymandering was orchestrated by the state Republicans, who after the 2010 census combined his and Kaptur’s districts.  She will face Joe Wurzelbacher (better known by his nom de dumb, Joe the Plumber) in the fall.

The loss of Kucinich is a tough one.  He was a rare voice in Congress, opposing what John Nichols of the Nation called “a war of whim” in Iraq and refusing to trade the rights of Americans for specious security.  But whether or not Kucinich, often called the conscience of Congress, starts house hunting in Washington state, where there are three open Democratic seats and a primary on May 18, he will remain an outspoken participant in our national discourse.

Marcy Kaptur

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One Response to Kucinich v. Kaptur: Nation Loses

  1. Sean says:

    I’m never sure which is growing faster… The world’s population or your archive!
    Wonderful portraits Robin, as always!

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