Mary Tyler Moore

Surely Mary Tyler Moore’s mantelpiece is crowded–seven Emmys and a Tony. And this Sunday another statuette, a smiley fellow, will join the group when the Screen Actors Guild honors Moore with its 48th Life Achievement Award

Moore’s eponymous series was must-watch TV in my suburban household.  I admired her beauty, charisma, talent, hair.  But it wasn’t her significant style that was her greatest influence.  When I was growing up, a woman’s place was said to be in the home (and with the era’s economy, families were able to get by on one salary).  Neither my clever mother, nor her friends, nor Abby, Stephanie or Andi’s mothers had an outside job.

I learned to be a woman in the world, at work, from watching Mary Tyler Moore. When I told her this, she replied, “Marlo Thomas didn’t do it for you?”

Maybe the quote sounds snarky written here, but it wasn’t.  It was self-effacing and funny.  And I somehow managed to resist throwing myself at Moore’s feet, chanting, “I am not worthy.”

The 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be broadcast on Sunday, January 29, 8 pm on TNT and TBS.

Mary Tyler Moore

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3 Responses to Mary

  1. indiachick says:

    I grew up watching the MTM Show and thought she was incredibly cool. I wanted to have a job, an apartment of my own, and a big letter “S” on the wall some place. It was startling to find out later that she was not that character in real life; and later her character in “Ordinary People” completely devastated me. How could she be such a meanie?? Fantastic acting is what it is. I love her, and I think there are probably scores of women who are grateful for the MTM Show. I love both photos but the second one especially.

  2. D. Saunders says:

    I loved her adorable, small-but-has-everything-necessary bachelor-ette pad. Robin, she looks amazing in these photos. . . and she wears it well.

  3. Mary is an amazing actress and she looks so beautiful in these photos.

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