Terrible. Two.

Dennis Kucinich

Citizens United, the “Corporations are People” love child of the conservative movement and the Roberts-led Supreme Court, celebrates its second birthday today.

To belabor my metaphor: in 2010 the infant spoke its first protected “words” and poured record-breaking cash ($400 million) into the midterm elections.  In this year’s Republican primary in South Carolina alone, $13 million has been spent.  And shadowy, syntax-challenged super PACs promise to drown out the voices of the American people throughout the 2012 election season.

To further belabor: Robert Reich and Common Cause have proposed smothering the toddler.  Amend2012.org is advocating for a  constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United, collecting signatures on its site to send to state legislatures, providing information and ways to get involved.

Yesterday, Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced a constitutional amendment,  H.J. Res. 100, which would provide for the public financing of federal elections.  Kucinich said, “Because of the Citizens United case, American democracy has been put up on the auction block.  We must rescue American democracy from unlimited corporate money.”

But luckily serious issues often beget comedy.  To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, “With one stroke the Supreme Court leveled the playing field and gave the naming rights to that field to Bank of America.”

Robert Reich

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