No. We Can.

Cleveland, OH

Ohio voters overwhelmingly voted  no today on Issue 2 (whether to vote yea or nay on referenda sometimes can seem counterintuitive), rejecting Senate Bill 5 and overturning the legislation supported by Governor John Kasich which had stripped more than 350,000 public employees of their collective bargaining rights.

But unlike the  law passed in  Wisconsin, cynically written to try to divide public sector workers,  S.B. 5 had also attacked the firefighters and police.  Issues settled through collective bargaining since it was instituted for public workers in Ohio in 1983 have included more than wages, determining class size, and securing  bullet-proof vests for the police.

231,149 names were necessary to put the issue on the ballot and in the spring fired-up volunteers collected 1.3 million.  Before the boxes of names could be brought into the the Ohio Secretary of State’s offices for the signatures to be counted, said Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH),  a structural engineer had to certify that the floor was strong enough to hold the weight (of democracy).

Uniontown, Stark County, OH

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