Those Eyes

Charlotte Rampling

In “Charlotte Rampling: The Look,” the amazing German fashion photographer Peter Linderbergh says to the eponymous subject of  Angelina Maccarone’s documentary that he wouldn’t be able to look at her “like this” without his camera.

I know my cameras provide a license to stare.  And with a camera in my hands (actually mostly on a tripod), I had the wonderful, unnerving experience of staring at this iconic and beautiful actress.   And as I shot,  the camera, as it always does, made something else that’s unnatural–standing too close, violating another’s personal space–seem all right, ordinary.

The film, divided into nine chapters (e.g., Age, Beauty, Taboo, Death, Love) records Rampling in frank, often funny and sometimes intimate conversation with friends and colleagues and offers the moviegoer, like the photographer, the privilege of getting close.

“Charlotte Rampling: The Look” will screen at DOC NYC at 7:00 pm, Thursday, November 3 (IFC Center) and open on Friday, November 4 in New York (Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Cinema Village) with additional play dates in select cities to follow.

Charlotte Rampling

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