Pictures of Pictures at an Exhibition

Friends in Chicago, Durango, Accord and L.A., who were unable to make it to my show in Wellfleet, “Filmmakers, Fighters, Friends (and one guy in VA who…),” suggested that I post a video. While “editing” the video that I “shot” at the WHAT gallery, I was thinking about the crossover still cameras that shoot hi def video.

While photographers have been worried lately about cinematographers poaching their work–and vice versa–I don’t think that Christopher Doyle needs to fret. It’s accepted wisdom that my incredible digital camera, the Canon 5D Mark II, shoots great video. Actually it doesn’t shoot anything–left to its own devices, it’s an expensive paper weight. And while I’m pleased (sometimes thrilled) with the photographs that I shoot with this camera, it will be a steep learning curve (but not without fun) before I’m shooting professional video.

Chris Doyle and Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

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One Response to Pictures of Pictures at an Exhibition

  1. Andrew says:

    the show and video look amazing. not surprised at all.

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