I’ve Seen “The Future” (and so can you)

Miranda July

Filmmaker, actor and performance artist Miranda July might not be everyone’s  cup of tea (as a drawing of a little girl and a cat is characterized in July’s second feature, “The Future”)–but even sometimes/somewhat twee, she’s mine.

A 30-something, semi-arty, underemployed  couple (played by the director and Hamish Linklater) rescue and decide to adopt a cat with demanding medical issues and in the 30 days that PawPaw undergoes treatment at the animal hospital, in anticipation of a life change seemingly more serious than having a baby, lose track of themselves, each other, their aspirations and exhibit almost cult-like devotion to the new lives they stumble into. The proceedings feel simultaneously real, hyperreal and like a dream.  And rarely does an actor/director have a personal sartorial sense as special as she does.

“The Future” opens Friday, July 29, in New York and Friday, August 5, in Los Angeles.

Miranda July

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One Response to I’ve Seen “The Future” (and so can you)

  1. Andrew says:

    Your description and photos are so great i am almost willing to sneeze my way through this film.

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