1,000 Lbs. of Sumo

Sumo Wrestlers, NYC

A new (to me, at least), TV-only offer, Furniture Fix, invites us to say bye, bye, sagging couch and upholstered chairs.   The product, apparently some interlocking, scaleable plastic strips, goes between the cushions and the springs and instantly, voila, firmness restored.  And in the ad, to demonstrate effectiveness, first a 400-pound wrestler sits down and then, hello, he’s joined by an even larger competitor, 600 pounds, and the sofa holds them, no sweat.

This commercial, which I watched with less than half attention prompted archaeology in the terabyte (one hopes) brain and a trip to the stuffed filing cabinets.

Photography has taken me innumerable places I wouldn’t have gone and introduced me to endless people I wouldn’t have known.  Furniture Fix summoned up a shoot that I hadn’t thought about in eons: sumo wrestlers standing around before their bouts and then battling it out on the stage at Madison Square Garden.

And it’s improbable that Vincente Minnelli would have invited me to visit his estate and Spanish-influenced, old-style glamorous Hollywood mansion. But cases full of Hasselblad equipment and lights opened his elegant gate (just across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel) for me.

My photo passport to the worlds of others has always made me think of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss (one of my father’s favorite authors).  And although I’ve forgotten a lot of literature I memorized, not my favorite Seuss passage: “Here is a hoodwink that winks in its winkhood, without a good winkhood, a hoodwink can’t wink good.”

Vincente Minnelli, Beverly Hills, CA

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